Miriam Kim MD NeurosurgeonWhat Patients Are Saying About Dr. Kim

If you have been told you need neurosurgery and are looking for an outstanding, caring, and exceptional neurosurgeon, Dr. Miriam Kim of KIM Neurosurgery located in Mapel Grove, Minnesota is the surgeon you are looking for.

Don't take our word for it - read what our patients are saying about their care and experience with Dr. Miriam Kim.

"Dr. Kim was wonderful"

“We live in the northern part of Minnesota and have a 5 to 51/2 hour drive to the Twin Cities. Cheryl, Dr. Kim’s office manager was very kind and understanding about directions on how to get there and setting up appointment times. She would always set our appointment times, so we would not have to leave at 4:00 or 5:00 o’clock in the morning.

Dr. Kim was wonderful to me and my son after Joe’s surgery. She sat down with us and explained what she had done in surgery. She even had pictures to show us. Using the pictures she showed us where the tumor was and how she had to remove it. She said the surgery went well and she had no trouble in removing the tumor.

After surgery, when we were back home, if we had any questions or problems, all we had to do was call Cheryl and she would talk to Dr. Kim and Cheryl or Dr. Kim would call us back, about our concerns.” 
- Patsy, Red Lake Falls

"very kind and friendly"

“Dr. Kim was very kind and friendly. She explained in detail what she was going to do in surgery. She also answered every one of our questions. While I was in the hospital, Dr. Kim was very thorough in her examination of my back and my progress is getting better.” 
- Joseph, Red Lake Falls